RW SGC Woodpile Peregrin Took



Pippin is the boy we've been trying to produce for years.  He is extremely friendly and
easy going, making him a great choice to be grandson Robbie's "pet".  We couldn't ask for a sweeter, more loving Maine Coon.  His clean profile, stunning pattern and color, as well as his fabulous well set ears and large size will be a nice contribution to our breeding program as well.
Pippin is co-owned with my daughter, Stefani, and resides with her in their new home.
We look forward to having some amazing kittens from him!


Pippin lounging                

Color Brown Classic Tabby
Birthdate February 3, 2017

Sire: Shonancats Samarai of Smokeycoons
Dam:  OD SGC Silverscoon Gaia of Woodpile

Heart & Hips Normal and healthy 2/10/18.  Screened by
 Dr. Jerry Woodfield, board-certified veterinary cardiologist.
Screened April 2018 - Hips rated good.
DNA N/N for the HCM mutation.
N/N for PK Deficiency.
N/N for Spinal Muscular Atrophy